OK everyone, here is the official WorkoutScene.com review of the ever-popular Insanity program.

High intensity workouts are definitely enjoying a jump in popularity at the moment and Insanity has always been one of the most prominent. But is it worth the hype? Is it the real deal? Will this program really get you into the best shape of your life in a short 60 days?

Those are the questions we set out to answer.

As with all workouts reviewed on this site we’ve been through the program from beginning to end. What you’ll read on this page are our thoughts, ratings and results based solely on our own experiences.

What is the Insanity Workout?

It is an intense workout program produced by a company call Beach Body, and created by a trainer referred to as ‘Shaun T’. It is designed both for men and for women. Beach Body are very well known for producing massively popular fitness and diet courses and selling them online and via television. Some of their other titles include P90X and Hip Hop Abs. This is encouraging – that Insanity is brought to us by a company with a track record of hitting multiple home runs in the workout program market.

The word “Insanity” really does a great job of what you can expect to experience when following the program. For 60 days you’ll train for 6 days each week at a level that does actually feel pretty insane. This program is all about high intensity, training harder than you ever have before and giving 110% for each and every workout.

The actual workouts themselves focus mainly on using your own bodyweight as the resistance, rather than dumbbells, barbells or other weights. This is definitely an advantage for most people as you don’t really need any fitness equipment. It will however be necessary to watch each workout session so you can follow it; a basic television set that plays DVDs will do the job. We actually went through the whole program at home, most of the time in the living room!

Make no mistake; this program doesn’t claim to use any short cuts, tricks or gimmicks to get you in shape. It is about pure hard work, nothing else. Shortly into the 60 days you’ll definitely realize this for yourself. You’re working so hard, sweating so much and giving so much effort that you’ll be certain of at least one thing: Insanity is not a scam. It is the real deal.

What I included with the program?

You’ll receive the following items if you decide to buy:

–          10 DVDs

–          A comprehensive diet plan

–          Workout calendar

–          Progress tracker

As mentioned above you won’t need any other equipment to go through the program – just some loose clothing and a good pair of gym shoes.

The Actual Workouts

A typical Insanity workout will last between 40-50 minutes on average. You’re going to be active for the vast majority of this time, without much rest.

The actual structure is very simple. The program is based on what is referred to as Max Interval Training. Here you’re basically exercising extremely hard for a few minutes, then taking a much shorter rest period. You’ll follow that pattern over and over for the duration of each workout. Resting is usually limited to 30 seconds each time – just enough time to get some water.

You’ll move from exercise to exercise in a kind of circuit, without stopping between them. The ONLY resting periods are the short 30 second breaks.

Also note that a warm up period is performed before each session. The warm ups towards the end of the course can be very tiring on their own, before you’ve even started the ‘real’ workout.

Workout Schedule and Variation

As mentioned, Insanity lasts for 60 days and you’ll be training 6 times per week. There is a semi recovery break week after month 1, before the daily intensity again increases as you move into the second month.

During the first month you’ll be rotating a selection of pre-defined workouts:

–          Fit Test

–          Plyometric Cardio Circuit

–          Cardio Power and Resistance

–          Cardio Recovery

–          Pure Cardio

And yes, even though it is only month one these are all very difficult!! Your recovery week gives your body a chance to prepare for the start of month two, which is quite a bit more challenging. In general you can expect workouts to be not only more intense, but also longer as you move towards the end of the program.

Month two sees these new workouts added in to the mix:

–          Max Interval Circuit

–          Max Interval Plyo

–          Max Cardio Conditioning

–          Max Recovery

If you follow this through to the end and complete all workouts each week you should certainly be proud. And also looking awesome!

Is Insanity for You? Pros & Cons


This program is great for anyone wanting to get super lean, ripped, shredded etc in a short time period. It is very focused on fat loss and getting a ‘beach body’ type look. That is what most regular people want, rather than the bodybuilder style physique. For MOST people who just want to look and feel great, Insanity is a really good choice.

The other major benefit is that you can do the program at home with no equipment. That has to be a huge, huge plus point for a lot of folks.

Lastly, you literally get everything you need to start immediately. Just open the box and follow along. Nothing is left to chance, you don’t need to do any guesswork or fill in any blanks. If you can stick with it, this is a ‘paint by numbers’ approach to looking awesome.

As Nike say: Just do it! If you do you’ll certainly see results, because the program works. Plain and simple.


Although we love the Insanity workout program and have gotten really good results, there are some down sides.

Firstly, this is really hard. A certain percentage of people will just never finish it. You have to really want to be in shape and be totally committed to sticking with this program, otherwise you don’t stand a chance.

Motivation can be difficult because this is a workout you typically do from home. Of course it can be done at the gym as well, but at home on your own you’ll certainly need willpower to get through the course. It is going to be SO worth it if you do though.

Finally, having a basic level of fitness is somewhat required. If you’re totally out of shape or very obese then you’ll probably want to up your fitness before trying Insanity. Sorry, this is just our honest opinion!

Final Thoughts

Our review of Insanity is definitely positive overall. If you want to look better than you ever have before then buy this program, suck it up and put in the effort. You’ll 100% get the results you want.

Lastly, if you like these style workouts but want to look at another alternative program. Check out my review of Max Workouts, which is quite a similar course.