After purchasing the Max Workouts program a couple of months back I have just recently come to the end of the training schedule about 3 weeks ago.

Before I get started, if you’d like to see the program, what is included and some other reviews then just click this link for full details.

Firstly I will say that I have been thoroughly impressed with the results the program has delivered and how it has helped me to get leaner. After testing other a couple of competing programs which have been reviewed elsewhere, I look and feel much better after going through the training. I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t get my body fat measured before starting the program as there has been quiet a significant drop, especially over the last month, and I would have like to have been able to quantify that. I guess the comments from friends and family will have to suffice for now!

It seems that I am not the only one who has had really excellent results with this program, there are a large number of testimonials from people who have also found it to be hugely beneficial at this link. As someone who has completed the training and written my own Max Workouts review I find the testimonials to be believable.

What’s Included in the program?

As standard you will receive the following e-books when you purchase:

1 – Core program e-book

This contains a short introduction and some of the theory behind the training followed by detailed descriptions of what you need to be doing each week. This book contains everything you need to get through the program including full weekly schedules, descriptions and photographic demonstrations for every exercise and also alternative exercises if you are unable to any of the standard ones for whatever reason. As the core part of the program this is a great read and contains just enough detail. You should be able to get started straight away after spending around 30 minutes with this document.

2 – Lean Body Diet e-book

You will have a lot of difficulty out-training a terrible diet so some effort needs to be made to eat responsibly if you want to see the best possible results. The Lean Body Diet book gives a great overview of what you should be eating (and what you shouldn’t) while on the program. I found this to be pretty useful even though I was familiar with the most of the contents. Definitely one to read early on in the program.

3 – Muscle Recovery e-book

Recovery is an important part of any training program and this guide does a great job of explaining how to ensure your body is able to recover as quickly and effectively as possible. This is a highly recommended read if you want to get the most from the program and I would advise reading through it at least once.

4 – Body Weight Exercises e-book

Does what it says on the tin. If you don’t have any equipment because you are travelling or away on business etc then this book details some great exercises you can do that make use of your body weight. These can literally be done anywhere. It is worth nothing that the regular exercises do not require much equipment, but this book is great if you have literally nothing.

5 – Smoothie Recipes e-book

This is a nice addition to the program for no extra cost. I have not got around to trying out any of the recipes myself yet but they look nice and pretty simply to make. These are on my to do list!

Max Workouts Club

Included when you make a purchase is a 30 day free membership of the monthly online club where you can discuss training in the forum and also view new content and videos. I didn’t really take a good look around the member area straight away but grew to like it after a few weeks when I browsed the forum. Definitely check it out as there is more great information in the club from other members who are on the same program as you.

When you buy there are also premium and deluxe purchase options to consider where you can access extra videos and a few different workout schedules in addition to the main program. There is also a great guide to kettle bell workouts which I will be trying out for sure when I get to the end of the 90 days.

View the full program here at the official site

My Experience with the Program

The tagline for the course is ‘The 90 Day Lean Body Fitness Program’ which is about as accurate of a description as I can think of. The program is NOT designed to build huge amounts of muscle mass and make you look like the incredible hulk. What it is designed to do though is develop lean muscle while simultaneously burning as much body fat as possible. I will mention at this point that the program is suitable for both men and women, there are different versions for each. Women should NOT be put off by the mention of ‘lean muscle’ because of fear of looking ‘too muscley’. The author does a great job of describing why this fear is essentially baseless in this post.

The person Behind is a man called Shin Ohtake who has been in the industry for over twenty years competing as a pro athlete and also working as a coach, personal trainer and therapist. The program is put together from the knowledge he has gained working with high level athletes and coaches, conducting medical research and also studying to doctoral level. The ‘science’ section of the program is interesting but brief and very easy to follow. It gives just enough detail about why the program is designed in a certain way with some exercised included and others left out. The vast majority of content is actual exercises and schedules for the 12 different weeks which you can start using straight away.

Weekly Schedules and Exercises

So what exactly does the program involve? Well, there are basically two different types of workout which are scheduled on alternating days. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are high intensity weightlifting circuits, Tuesdays and Thursdays are high intensity interval cardio (HIIT). The ‘high intensity’ part should not be taken lightly and if you follow Shin’s advice then every session will make you really work. He explains the theory behind high intensity training and VO2Max in the main Max Workouts PDF so you should have a good understanding of why it is the most effective way to build a lean body.

Strength Training Sessions

The strength training workouts (Mon, Wed & Fri) focus on compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups and develop functional strength. This is why the program is so effective. There is no room for ‘isolation’ training in Max Workouts so you will not find any tricep curls or crunches. The exercises focus on a handful of basic movements such as push, pull, deadlift and a couple of others. There are many variations on these movements and Shin does an excellent job of explaining why this is the kind of thing you need to be doing.

Strength training workouts are preceded by a short warm up to get your heart rate going and loosen yourself up. To start with I did not really do these properly but make sure you follow the instructions in the program. I got a lot more from my workouts when the warm ups were completed properly. The main session consists of a handful of exercises completed in a circuit or ‘round’ with no rest between exercises and 15-60 seconds rest between rounds. It is absolutely key to make sure you keep track of rest times as these are limited to make sure you are constantly working hard and keeping your heart rate going. After each workout, if you have followed the program, you will definitely be DONE. Workouts are very intense! In total the session time is roughly 30 minutes including your warm-up.

There is a short optional core workout which can be added to the end of the strength sessions. These are quite difficult but highly recommended for building and toning your core as effectively as possible. The best part about the core training is there are absolutely no crunches required!

High Intensity Cardio Sessions

The HIIT cardio sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays are just as intense as the strength training. Sessions last 25-30 minutes including warm-up and can be carried out using any cardio machine such as a treadmill, cross trainer or static bike. You can also run outside instead if you have the space to do so.

HIIT in this program basically consists of various intervals of high intensity work followed low intensity. These get more difficult as the program progresses and everything is explained very clearly, along with the theory behind HIIT which I find very compelling.

See more details and reviews at the MW site

Do I Need a Gym Membership?

You most definitely do not need to use a gym to take advantage of the program. A couple of exercises do use basic gym equipment but there are always alternatives suggested (which are just as effective) for users without gym access. As long as you have a set of dumbbells then you should be able to go through the whole program without an issue. I have a very basic set of cheap dumbbells and they have been perfect. A barbell can be used for some exercises but if you do not have one there dumbbell versions of the exercises are provided. Some weeks I train at home, others I use the gym depending on my schedule. A gym is DEFINITELEY NOT required though.

One piece of equipment Shin does recommend (and I agree with him) is an interval timer. This makes keeping to your rest and interval schedule very easy which can be a bit of a challenge when you are getting towards the end of a workout and are trying to make the most of the rest periods. Don’t try and count in your head, it just doesn’t work. Get a timer.

What I Like About the Program


·         Very simple, you can start on the day you buy it.

·         No nonsense. There is nothing fancy here, just effective training schedules.

·         Focus on lean muscle and fat. This was a personal goal of mine.

·         Minimal equipment required. I don’t want to have to go to the gym.

·         Short sessions. You are always finished in 30 minutes, ideal for my lifestyle.

·         Highly effective. There is no redundancy here, everything has a purpose.

·         IT WORKS. Better results than all other training programs I have tried.


Would I Change Anything?


– Organization of demonstration images in ebook could be better.



Overall I think the Max Workouts program is fantastic and most importantly, highly effective. If you want to burn fat and build a lean body then this is definitely for you. I am in no way going to hide the fact you need to work hard though, high intensity is the key! There are no easy ‘shortcuts’ and this book doesn’t pretend there are, which I like.

There is a great variety of exercises to keep you interested and even more if you get involved with the online community which I highly recommend!

You buy the program at the official site (includes more customer testimonials) with this link